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Yes, its a fax machine but the idea is the sameI planned on getting some new posts up this weekend, as I’ve been off the Catapult for the better part of a month it seems (dead cats, weddings, & birthdays), but spent a pathetic chunk of my day today trying to remove an unbelievable pain-in-the-ass virus from my hard drive instead. (“System Security 2009” hilariously disguises itself as a legit Microsoft product. Good times.) Problem now solved, book stuff coming – thanks for sticking with me, faithful reader.

Coming this week: reviews of Ron Carlson’s The Signal and Ron Currie, Jr’s Everything Matters! Books that will change your life!


2 comments on “PC-illin’

  1. Corey Wilde
    June 22, 2009

    You have my condolences. Trying to get a PC back to normal after a virus is too much like work.

  2. Rebecca
    June 30, 2009

    Oh ick..this is why I find people to pay to do those things for me. So much less stress!

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