A new independent bookstore in South Park, San Diego!

Big Bezos Is Watching

For anyone who has not seen this stuff yet (pretty much anyone reading this who is not an independent bookseller, I guess, as these are all the buzz lately), check out the hilarious Book vs Kindle videos that the folks at Green Apple Books in San Francisco have made: thegreenapplecore.blogspot.com My hands-down favorite is Round 3: Sharing.

In other Kindle news, that 17-year old kid who lost all his notes on 1984 when Jeff Bezos snuck into his Kindle under cover of night to take the ebook back, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Amazon. Sweet! Michigan teen Justin Gawronski lost his homework when Amazon recalled their illegally sold ebooks of the Orwell novel and has decided to milk this thing for more than just a bit of week-long publicity. After filing, his attorney eloquently stated that “Amazon.com had no more right to hack into people’s Kindles than its customers have the right to hack into Amazon’s bank account to recover a mistaken overpayment.” Fo-shizzle. It’ll be fun to see how far this thing goes.

And it didn’t take Oprah too long to weigh in (no pun intended) on the ebook issue: you can download a FREE ebook of Colum McCann’s new novel, Let the Great World Spin, on oprah.com from 10:59am EST Monday 8/3 to 11am EST Wednesday 8/5. If you just want to read the book itself, you’re on your own, loser.

Some other small notes: Ron Carlson’s The Signal, hyped repeatedly here on the Book Catapult, received a rave, albeit poorly written, review from the New York Times on Sunday. Check it out.

And, if you live in Southern Cal, come on by Warwick’s on Wednesday, August 12 to meet the heady, relatively elusive National Book Award-winning author, William T. Vollmann in the flesh. Vollmann will be discussing and signing his new 1300-page book about life on the Cali-Mexico border, Imperial.

I’ve also recently read Jonathan Lethem’s forthcoming Chronic City, Paul Auster’s Invisible, and James Lee Burke’s Rain Gods and I promise to let you know what I thought of them in the days ahead.

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