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It’s strange – today I inexplicably found myself thinking about New Orleans and I decided to read some of Dave Eggers’ new book, Zeitoun, which chronicles the experiences of the family Zeitoun in the weeks and months that followed The Storm. Then it dawned on me that today just happens to be the same day that, in 2005, Katrina first touched the city in the waning hours before midnight…. Jen & I were safe in our new Southern California home, but my sister and her husband were still living in the Quarter – they rode out the storm itself, but their tales of “the walking dead” that prowled the police-less, darkened streets in the days that followed have haunted me since.

In case you’re interested, here’s my really old post about my first visit back to New Orleans in 2007. I think this is my favorite Catapult post ever, actually.

I am holding a book called Zeitoun“…a poignant, haunting, ethereal story about New Orleans in peril. Eggers has bottled up the feeling of post-Katrina despair better than anyone else – a simple story with a lingering radiance.” -Douglas Brinkley

And Timothy Egan, in his New York Times review, said, “50 years from now, when people want to know what happened to this once-great city during a shameful episode of our history, they will still be talking about a family named Zeitoun.”


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