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Seth Marko Wins 2010 Booker Prize!

I would just like to extend a thank you – and maybe apologize a little – to all the folks who visited The Book Catapult this week who were Google-searching for information on the 2009 Booker Prize. As you are no doubt aware by now, Ken Bruen is not actually the winner of the 2009 Booker Prize, despite the information I had provided in the title of my post from August 2008, “Ken Bruen Wins 2009 Booker Prize!”  This post was actually about the controversy surrounding the 2008 Booker longlist, which included a “thriller” genre entry, hence the facitious title to the post itself. Yes, a joke, but one which has catapulted, if you will, this blog to the top of Google searchs for “2009 Booker” or “Booker Prize 2009” or variations thereof. Even though you were mislead in visiting the Catapult, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your stay. Your visits on this past Tuesday – the day of the actual 2009 Booker Prize announcement – made it the most heavily trafficked day in Book Catapult history. I don’t know if I’m happy or depressed by this fact…

Hilary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall, is the winner of the 2009 Man Booker Prize, just in case there are people out there still landing on this site looking for that information. You can read my piece on this subject, as well as my thoughts on the obscure selection for the Nobel Prize for Literature and the meaning of such awards, over on the Warwick’s blog.


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