A new independent bookstore in South Park, San Diego!

Friday Jibber-Jabber

As I try to juggle writing this blog, the Warwick’s blog, pieces for KPBS’s Culture Lust blog with packing my house for a cross-town move and reading 3 books at once, like an idiot, (Foer’s Eating Animals, In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, & Orhan Pamuk’s dense tome, The Museum of Innocence) today I thought I’d just link to my short plea for independent bookstores over at my work blog. Feel free.

Other stuff of note:

  • Random House’s desperate-looking use of a blurb by the late Robertson Davies on the jacket of John Irving’s new book made me laugh. Living critics used phrases like “the most disappointing wipeout of Irving’s career” (Ron Charles, Washington Post) and “clunkety-clunk-clunk” (Entertainment Weekly). Probably a wise choice to use the dead guy.
  • Publishers Weekly announced their first ever Top Ten books of the year, snubbing every woman who wrote a book in 2009. The list does include The Lost City of Z, though!
  • Penguin’s much anticipated, beautifully done new set of hardcover classics hit the shelves this week – check it.
  • The big box retailers – Amazon, Target, and Walmart – that are severely discounting several new titles in November have decided to limit the number of copies one can purchase. The reasoning? Word got out that indie booksellers were planning on using the stores as distributors, cleaning out their stock, since the discounts are going to be so steep. Foiled again!
  • And it’s the first Tuesday in November, so Al Gore has a new book – Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis – as does David Plouffe, campaign manager of Obama For America. I might read them both, actually. Just not this weekend.

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