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The Top Whatever of Whenever by Whoever

Every year around this time “we” – bloggers, reviewers, booksellers, readers, librarians, people with nothing better to do – start to discuss the pros & cons, the pluses & minuses, the acknowledgments & the snubs of the vast array of Top 10, Best Books, or Notable lists that are published by all the newspapers, blogs, magazines, and people with nothing better to do, myself included. We all love a good list – better yet, we all love to hate a bad list. When we do not like a list, we shake our heads, complain bitterly, and often run home, snot-faced & crying, to formulate our own list. (I am, of course, diligently working on my 4th annual Seth’s Notable List – coming later this week.)  As fodder for the list you may be tabulating in your own little head, here is a short list of some of the “best books of the year” (and some “decade”) lists that have been announced to date:

  • The New York Times notable list isn’t half bad this time around, although it did omit Catapult favorites Reif Larsen and Ron Currie in favor of NYT contributors, Jonathan Lethem and Nicholson Baker. Ms. Kakutani’s personal list is surprisingly quite nice, including The Lost City of Z and Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned. Although Janet Maslin has tossed her own credibility out the window – at least with me – by choosing Stephen King’s Under the Dome as one of the ten best books of the year….
  • PW’s review editor, Louisa Ermelino: “It disturbed us when we were done that our list was all male.” The PW Top Ten.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle gets a few choice books onto their short little fiction list: Pynchon, Doctorow. Blows it a bit with all the omissions and the addition of the (in my opinion) unreadable Nicholson Baker novel.

What about you, buddy?  You got a favorite for 09?


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This entry was posted on December 1, 2009 by in lists, notable books.
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