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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ten

Day Ten, Chapter Ten
(One minute, 3 seconds – a new record!) Yesterday I offered a “spoiler” concerning the deep meaning of “WCF” by directing you to jamespatterson.com, but I didn’t need to do that. I should have just looked at the cover of the book. (see left) Yeah, it’s that blatant. I discovered it while shelving a copy at work yesterday. Oh well. But hey, mystery solved, right?

In Chapter Ten (leaving a mere 107 to go!) Detective Lindsay Boxer & her partner head to the home of the murder victim, Barbara Benton, to visit her husband and ruin his life. When Mr. Benton opens his door to the cops, Lindsay knows that they “were seeing the last happy moment of the man’s life.” Nice. They then blow past his grief and grill him about everything they can think of: his marriage, his wife’s friends, coworkers, any threats made against her, what he made for dinner (chicken), can he come down to the station & look at the dead bodies of his wife & baby? Then Lindsay gets a call from her boss again, this time about a new case that she’s really going to want to take ’cause its so awesome. He has a “strangled sound in his voice for the second time in as many hours” as he tells Lindsay to hand the Benton case to another pair of detectives.

“Hand it off? Excuse me? What’s that about?”

“Something new just came in, Boxer.”

Honest to God, I was running out of gas, going into my thirteenth straight hour on the job.

Honest to God, I think my summary is now longer than the chapter itself. Time yourself reading this post to see, just for fun. 1:03 is the time to beat.

The new, more exciting case is the murder of Marcus Dowling’s wife – killed by “an intruder”.  Remember? The prologue, dudes! It’s all coming into focus now!  This is so exciting!  
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4 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ten

  1. Naomi Johnson
    May 8, 2010

    Uncle! Uncle!

  2. Aaryn
    May 8, 2010

    49.1 seconds, beeyotch.
    But I admit: I skimmed because I wanted to win.
    What was that middle part about ruining some dude's life? I think Patterson might be ruining yours. I don't know. Keep yourself in check.

  3. Nate
    May 24, 2010

    If you're into Patterson, can I interest you in some Nick Sparks? Maybe a little Mitch Albom? Their skill levels are similar.

  4. Seth Marko
    May 24, 2010

    Nate, may I refer you to my post from March entitled “Nicholas Sparks is a Dick”? Enjoy.

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