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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Thirteen

Day Thirteen, Chapter Thirteen
Man, this is the beauty of a project like this one – just when you have a day (like yesterday) where nothing happens (comically or otherwise) in the book and you’re feeling like this thing is an untamable, wild beast, you get a little diamond in the rough like Chapter 13.

JESUS CHRIST! Marcus Dowling is dying.

I especially like the emphatic, all-caps “Jesus Christ” in this opening sentence, followed by the emotionless, matter-of-fact second part.

…I called Dispatch. I repeated the house address and shouted, “Fifty-year-old male! Heart attack!”

I bet Dispatch doesn’t appreciate being shouted at.

Last week, when I was timing how long it took me to read each chapter, I realized that they were all readable in under 2 minutes, placing them conveniently within the space of a 2-minute commercial break on television. Coincidence? Maybe. Until I read this situation assessment by Detective Lindsay Boxer:

The SFPD was already suffering from budget cuts and too little manpower. Add to that the public expectation that homicides could be solved in an hour between commercial breaks, and I knew we were in for a humongous, spotlighted nightmare. 

“A Humongous, Spotlighted Nightmare: My 117 Days with James Patterson” by Seth Marko

Lindsay and Conklin discuss the case while “canvassing” the neighborhood. They don’t do any canvassing, they just talk to each other, but they do discuss the fourth and final member of the “Women’s Murder Club”, Cindy Thomas, ace crime reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle! Cindy has been writing a series on a cat burgler she has dubbed “Hello Kitty” – all the pieces seem to fit with the scene at the Dowling house. Second-story burglaries while the homeowners are downstairs, entertaining their high society guests, only jewelry gets stolen.

Here’s what was know about Hello Kitty: he was fit, deft, and fast, and had a huge pair of stones.

Conklin thinks Hello Kitty is part of the same high society circles that he/she robs, which is how he/she knows when the dinner parties are happening. Like this is the only way you would ever find out that someone was going to be home having dinner with friends? It’s a good thing Lindsay’s such a badass cop, ’cause her partner’s a dummy. She’s super suspicious, especially since Marcus Dowling had wet hair when they met him – as if he had jumped into the shower after he found his dead wife in the bedroom. Hmmm.
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One comment on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Thirteen

  1. Reggie Style
    May 13, 2010

    I wish someone would tie a huge pair of stones to James Patterson's ankles.

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