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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen, Chapter Fifteen
As Day 15 dawns, we are brought back to Sarah Wells – by night: cat burglar, aka Hello Kitty; by day: schoolteacher – whom we first met back in the Prologue. Sarah has just arrive home after robbing the Dowlings and is stashing her stolen jewelry in the false bottom of her bedroom dresser. “Like her, the dresser held secrets.” She stands there, admiring the jewels for a moment.

Sarah unzipped the bag with her latest haul and looked into the glorious tangle of jewels that had, until recently, belonged to a movie star’s wife.  It was the most unbelievable stuff: totally insane and wonderful sapphires and diamonds; rings and necklaces and bracelets…

She’d pulled off the burglary by the slimmest margin – a squeaker, for God’s sake.

It turns out that Sarah’s “fence” (the guy who sells her stuff for her so she doesn’t get caught) has been killed in an unrelated incident and she needs to find a new way to unload her stash. While she thinks about that, she spaces out a little, looking at the jewels some more.

Sarah cupped a double handful of Casey Dowling’s treasure and rocked her hands under a table lamp so that the light bounced off the facets.  Behind her locked bedroom door, Sarah Wells became mesmerized by the gorgeous refracting light.

Man, does that prose blow your hair back or what?

Today’s “frickin'” count stands at zero, leaving the total at 6 for another day. Unless I counted wrong, which is completely possible.

In an unrelated story, the army of relentless marketing drones that work for Mr. Patterson (aka the Hachette Book Group) has sent out the Advance Reading Copies of his Fall releases. One in September and one in November. (There may be others, but I thought it amazing enough that 2 arrived at the store at the same time.) I gave about 5 seconds of thought to reading some of the upcoming Cross Fire (featuring JPatt’s star character, Alex Cross) to see how a solo piece by Patterson compares to a co-authored one, but I can’t bring myself to read past the first page. Even I’m not that much of a self-flagellating idiot.

Hey, does anyone want one of these ARCs to start your own 117 Days? Weirdly enough, Cross Fire also has 117 chapters. Seriously.
Go to Day Sixteen.


3 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Fifteen

  1. aaryn b.
    May 13, 2010

    Dear Herb,

    Send it over.
    WAIT! WAIT! What the hell am I thinking?
    Okay, send it. No! Wait.
    Wait…no, send it. Yes.

    I'm totally insane.


  2. Melissa Klug
    May 14, 2010

    This may be the best blog idea EVER. Ever. Ever. I bow to you. Last year at my booth at Book Expo America, I was standing there and he walked by with some minion shepherding him through the aisles, and I remember thinking, ah, who let a homeless guy into BEA? until I realized it was James Patterson. He has eleventy bajillion dollars but apparently not an iron.

  3. Emily
    September 12, 2010

    This may sound crazy, but I wouldn't be surprised if 117 was the magic chapter number. The Stratemeyer Syndicate, which published the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books (among others), had very strict guidelines for his ghost writers, including # chapters, # pages per chapter, etc. I bet old Patterson has similar OCD requirements. Wouldn't want to overwhelm the reader with too many chapters or something.

    Also: I just discovered your 117 Days of Patterson and am having a blast reading your posts. They are a riot 🙂

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