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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen, Chapter Eighteen
Today I offer a series of excerpts from Chapter 18, without commentary:

  • The morning after their murders, Barbara Ann and Darren Benton, along with Casey Dowling, were chilling in the morgue while Conklin and I stared at each other across our overloaded desks, not knowing whether to spit or go blind.
  • I told Jacobi that the lunatic killer who’d left a message in the Bentons’ RAV4 made me feel like I’d put my finger in a live electric socket.
  • Jacobi showed me his palms. What do you want from me? No manpower. No budget. I want to keep my job. Do what I tell you.
  • Conklin looked fresh, his brown eyes sparkling in the gloom of the bull pen, his shining brown hair falling across his forehead…
  • “Look at this!” (Cindy) shouted, her blond bedspring curls bouncing, blue lightning flashing in her eyes.
  • “We’re working the case, Cindy,” I said. “Jeez. We haven’t stopped. I got all of two hours in the rack last night – ”
  • “Rich?” Cindy cocked her head like a little yellow bird.
  • She batted her eyelashes at Conklin and gave him her best come-hither stare…Cindy leaped up, hugged Conklin around the neck, kissed him on the mouth…
  • To recap: we’re all chillin’ in the morgue with the sexually attractive Conklin, spitting and going blind from sticking our fingers into electrical sockets. Cindy busts in and flashes some of her “blue lightning” at Conklin like a little yellow bird. Lindsay ends up in the rack for 2 hours while Conklin & Cindy make out.
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    5 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Eighteen

    1. Reggie Style
      May 21, 2010

      RACK IT, CONKLIN!!!!

    2. Anonymous
      May 22, 2010

      Their desks are in the bull pen. While yes they mention the morgue. Lindsey and Rich are not in the morgue when Cindy comes in.

    3. Seth Marko
      May 22, 2010

      Oh my God, I can't believe I made that mistake.

      Take it down a notch, Anonymous.

    4. Seth Marko
      May 22, 2010

      Wait, is that you, Mr. Patterson? Or is it Maxine Paetro?!

    5. Nate
      May 24, 2010

      Oh snap, Anonymous. You nailed Marko on that one.

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