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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Five

Day 45, Chapter 45 – marking the start of Part Three: The Trap
The first paragraph is almost too much for me to handle this morning.

Sarah Wells crouched in the shrubbery between the huge Tudor-style house and the street, her clothes blending into the shadows. She was having a three-dimensional flashback of the Dowling job – how she’d hidden in the closet while the Dowlings made love, later knocking into that table of whatnots during her narrow frickin’ escape. And then the worst part – the murder accusation hanging over her.

Oh man, I’m having another 3-D flashback!  Ahhh, more frickin’ whatnots!  Somebody bring me a shrubbery!  

Sarah is breaking into the home of Jim and Dorian Morley, aka the “Sports Gear Morleys” who own the chain of athletic stores.  She has chosen this particular evening because the Morleys are having a “Big Chill” party in their backyard and will be distracted by entertaining their guests while Sarah steals all their diamonds.  That’s the plan at least – it’s not like anything happens in this chapter.  I mean, we don’t want to blow all this plot all at once, do we?  Let’s drag things out a little longer.  Here, let’s recap the plot of the last 145 pages and 45 chapters:  

Burglar breaks into house, steals jewels, home owner kills his wife as a murder of convenience.  Cops stumped.  Serial killer kills woman & her child.  Cops stumped.  Sex scene.  Another sex scene.  A lesbian sex scene.  Killer kills again.  Cops stumped.  Killer kills again.  Cops stumped.  Burglar plans another robbery.

How that translates into 45 chapters, I’m not sure, even though I’ve spent the last 45 days writing about it.  So in this chapter, Sarah sneaks up to the side of the house, climbs the gutter, hangs on the windowsill for a few minutes, then hooks her leg onto the sill.  The end.

I’m more interested in what a “Big Chill” party would be like.  Lame.  Do you think JPatt has actually thrown a “Big Chill” party at his Florida mansion?  I bet he played the dead guy.
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One comment on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Five

  1. aaryn b.
    June 28, 2010

    If I went to a Big Chill party, I'd be Jo Beth Williams so I could poke Tom Berenger in the middle of the driveway, beneath my fur coat. I mean…wait…I think I'm having myself one of them 3-D flashbacks.

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