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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Six

Day 46, Chapter 46

Sarah wriggled over the sill and dropped to the carpet.
Her head swam with a high-octane blend of elation, urgency, and fear.

Sarah gives herself 3 minutes to get into the Morleys’ home, rob them, and get out.  (Although, the “urgency and fear” may just mean that she needs to use the restroom before she leaves.)  She crosses the room and closes & locks the door, so as not to be disturbed.  What if someone tries to get in?  Won’t they think it odd that the door to the bedroom is locked?  Wait, think like JPatt!  That would be a perfect opportunity to stage a fake sex scene to keep the intruder away.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Sarah took in the heavy, Queen Anne-period maple furnishings, evidence of an inheritance as well as the bazillions the Morleys had made in sporting goods. 

What’s with the Robin Hood, stealing-from-the-rich theme?  Does he think so little of us that we are supposed to forget that the author of this novel has also made “bazillions”, lives in a huge mansion, and has author photos of himself seaside & in fashionable sailing digs?  The description of the Morleys’ home contains oil paintings, a plasma screen television, and photos of the family in sailboats…or is that a description from the author bio on the back jacket?  

JPatt is a sexy beast isn’t he?

Sarah was on her mark and ready to go.

She makes her way, in the dark, toward the closet in the bedroom, assuming that this is where a safe will be located.  The closet is massive and filled with “racks and racks” of extravagant clothes, but Sarah has a hard time finding the hidden safe.  The clock is ticking!

Sarah worked quickly, looking behind evening gowns and running her fingers along the baseboard moldings and shelves, feeling time whiz by as she inventoried the Morleys’ frickin’ closet.

Just as she gives up and turns off her headlamp (yes, she wears a headlamp on the job), someone tries to get in the bedroom.  “Hey, who locked the door?”, some guy shouts.  C’mon fake sex scene!

The man called out again: “It’s Jim. I need to use the can.” His laugh was sloppy with drink. He put on a high-pitched, fruity voice. “Hello Kitty? Is that youuuu?”

Sarah’s heart nearly stopped. It was Jim Morley, and he was pounding on his bedroom door.

“Hey. Open up!”

So exciting!!  How will Sarah get out of this one?!  Tune in tomorrow to find out!
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One comment on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Six

  1. aaryn b.
    June 28, 2010

    I think she's going to bend her clothes into the shadows to get herself out of this frickin' pickle.

    Hey, is it me or do you find it rather unbelievable that Sarah was able to feel time whiz by as she ran her fingers along the baseboard moldings and shelves?

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