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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Seven

Day 47, Chapter 47
When we left things yesterday, Sarah “Hello Kitty the Cat Burglar” Wells was attempting to rob the home of sporting goods magnate, Jim Morley, when the drunken owner himself made an attempt to enter the locked bedroom Sarah was hiding in.  The question I had was whether Sarah would resort to faking amorous relations with another party in order to keep Morley out of the room.  Just as she makes her way back to the window to make her exit, Morley enters the room through an alternate entrance.  Oh shit.

He called out as he fumbled for the switch on the bedroom wall. “Is someone here?”

Sarah’s mind did a backflip. Without the light, she could see him better than he could see her. She had to brazen it out. “Jim,” she said, “can you give us some privacy, please?” 

“Laura? Laura, is that you? Jesus. I’m sorry. You and Jesse, take your time. Take all the time you need.”

Awwwww yeah!  Mission accomplished. 

To make a great chapter even better, on the way out, Sarah finds the elusive home safe – cleverly hidden behind a small painting next to the bed, yet impossibly, left unlocked.  C’mon, who has the wherewithal to have an Agatha Christie safe behind a painting, but leaves the thing unlocked?  Not just unlocked – like just having the door open – this thing has a frickin’ padlock on it, but the padlock is hanging open.  Like Morley just couldn’t be bothered to close that clasp and save himself millions of dollars in jewelry and diamonds.  Sigh.

Sarah cleans out the safe and makes to leave. 

Time to go! Sarah peered out the window and saw a man walking his rottie.

(I included that last sentence just because it sounded so stupid, abbreviating Rottweiler.) Then she jumps out the window.  She sprains her ankle when she hits the lawn – I’m sure that this information will resurface.  Blah blah blah, see you tomorrow.
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