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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Eight

Day 48, Chapter 48
In today’s edition of “Thrilling Stories with Jim Patterson,” Sarah Wells gets in her car.  What will she do when she gets there?  1-2-3 here we go!

1. Sarah almost cried out in relief when she saw her red Saturn…

2. She got inside, whipped off her lamp and knit hat in one movement, and stripped off her gloves.

3. She sat in the comforting dark of night, gripping the steering wheel, her ankle throbbing as she marveled at her minutes-long, heart-stopping escapade.

“Marveled”, “minutes-long”, “heart-stopping”   Gee, isn’t there a better way of describing the events from yesterday’s chapter, Mr. Patterson?  

It was unbelievable.  

Never mind.

Sarah fluffed up her hair, slipped on the blue quilted shirt she kept in the backseat, and started up the engine. 

Hey look!  A blue quilted shirt!

Stay focused!

…her mind floated on the aftermath of her success, starting to think now about seeing Heidi.  She imagined telling Heidi the truth about herself, about how the loot she’d stolen would fund their freedom for maybe the rest of their lives…

 Wait, her mind is floating on the afterbirth of… what?  I don’t get it.

As she thought about Heidi clapping her hands and throwing her arms around her, a distant sound nagged at Sarah until she couldn’t ignore the whine any longer. The looping, high-pitched wail came from behind…

Oh Heidi, you’re such a simple soul.  Clap for me, Heidi!  What’s that sound?  Oh crap, it’s the cops!  Wait, they’re idiots.  Forget it.

Sarah’s mind churned and her heart nearly pounded out of her chest as she pulled over to the side of the road. 

Oh no, another “minutes-long escapade”!  What about that “comforting dark of night”?  Won’t that protect us?  Is this quilted shirt bulletproof?  Help me Heidi, you’re my only hope.  Clap the cops away!  It’s not working!  They’re coming!  My stomach’s churning and my brain just pounded its way out of my skull!

‘Til tomorrow then.
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2 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Forty-Eight

  1. Reggie Style
    June 23, 2010

    I think we're all floating on the aftermath of something. . .(sound of Heidi clapping sarcastically)

  2. aaryn b.
    June 28, 2010

    Wait…are there two lesbian relationships going on here? Or was that other couple just hugging it out? I'm lost. Does that mean I have to start over?

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