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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Fifty-Five

Day 55, Chapter 55

Just a little “morning doughnut”.

There was a pile of doughnuts in the coffee room, and I went for them.

If only every chapter started with such a choice line, my work would be so much easier. 

I hadn’t eaten a square meal in almost two weeks, and hadn’t had more than five consecutive hours of sleep in that time, either. As for exercise, zero, unless my brain running 24-7 on a hamster wheel counted for something.

Lindsay heads back to her office with her “pile of doughnuts”, where she is met by Cindy, Women’s Murder Club member, Chronicle reporter, and Conklin’s current love interest.  Cindy’s been – how do I say this? – plumbing Conklin for info?  Drilling him for news?  Reading him his rights?  Boning up on police work?  She also shows that she’s done more work than the entire police department when she produces a list of male suspects from high-society who have rock-climbing backgrounds etc.  (This is regarding the Hello Kitty burglary case.)  Lindsay doesn’t seem to like the situation.  Cindy has also “figured out” that the cops think Hello Kitty is a woman, but Lindsay really doesn’t want her to print the information in the paper.  

“…let’s not get crazy and print that, okay?”


“Cindy, we will not be able to vet a single lead that comes in if you print that Hello Kitty is female.”

“Hmmmmm.”  Hilarious.  Where does he come up with this stuff?  Lindsay then mentions the letter that the Chronicle is going to print the following day.  Cindy, of course, knows all about it already because Conklin can’t keep his mouth shut and his gun in his holster.  Wink wink. Patterson’s subsequent attempt at making Lindsay’s words icy in the face of this news is so sad and pathetic, I’m at a loss.  Here:

“Well, you’re up to speed. Is there anything else, Cindy, dear?”

“I’m off to interview Dorian and Jim Morley. This is a heads-up.”

“Thanks,” Conklin said.

“Off you go,” I said to Cindy. “Have fun.”

“You’re not mad about anything?”

“Not at all. Thanks for the list.” I waggled my fingers.

“See you later,” she said to Conklin. I turned my face when she touched his cheek tenderly and kissed him. When Curlilocks had gone, I lifted my coffee, opened the file folder, and spread the morgue pictures of Elaine and Lily Marone out on the desk.

“Let’s get back to work,” I said to Conklin. “What do you say?”

I hung icicles from every word. 

Wait, is she angry?  But she told Cindy that she wasn’t angry.  She “waggled” her fingers – wasn’t that done in genuine friendship?  I can’t think for myself and now I’m confused, Mr. Patterson.  Why are there icicles in the room?  Can we have more doughnuts in Chapter 56?  Maybe sex with doughnuts involved in some way?  Wait, are the doughnuts sexual euphemisms?  Now I’m really confused.
Go to Day 56.


One comment on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Fifty-Five

  1. Cecile
    June 22, 2010

    Bonsoir !

    Well, I'm confused too, but only cuz I can't keep the characters straight anyway. 😉

    Maybe it's not icicles but popsicles. You know, to complement the doughnuts ?

    Good luck !

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