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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Sixty

Day 60, Chapter 60

The phone hanging from my neck felt like an explosive charge. The Lipstick Killer could see everything I saw, hear what I was hearing and saying, and if that vile, crude psychopath became unhappy, he’d cut down more innocent lives.

I’m nursing a pretty mean hangover today, so JPatt has even less appeal than normal.  It’s just not funny – it makes my head hurt more.

Lindsay is out following the instructions of WCF – he’s leading her to wherever the drop-off point for the cash ransom will be.  Several other cops are following her, of course, and as she exits the SF Chronicle building, she notices a Women’s Murder Club member hanging around too.

That’s when I glimpsed Cindy. Her eyes were huge, and she was hanging back against the wall of the Chronicle Building, looking at me as though I were headed for the guillotine. I was suffused with love for her. I wanted to hug her, but I winked instead, holding up crossed fingers.

She squeezed out a smile.

I was so suffused with love as I headed for the guillotine, I squeezed out a smile as hard as I could.  

WCF makes Lindsay drop her handbag into a trash can.  Since she’s an unprepared idiot, her gun and her cell hone are both in the bag.  What sort of detective keeps their gun in their purse?  Conklin continues to follow her as she heads into a BART station & boards a train headed for the airport.  At the first stop, WCF has her get off the train quickly.  Conklin, ever the model of clichéd, bumbling police officer, gets stuck on the train and can only look out the window with a sad face as the train leaves the station.  

“Take off your jacket and put it in the trash can,” the killer said. 

“My house keys are in the pocket.”

Really?  Your keys, too?  Actually, wouldn’t they have been in her purse? 

“Throw your jacket into the trash. Don’t question me, sweetmeat. Just do what I say. Now, go to the stairs. On the first landing, pan around so I can see if anyone is following you.”

I did it, and the killer was satisfied.

“Let’s go, princess. We’ve got a date at the Whitcomb.”

Vile, crude Princess Sweetmeat, suffused with love, heads for another commercial break.
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2 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Sixty

  1. Amy
    June 27, 2010

    Gun in the purse? Really? How useful if she needed it quickly. And keys in the coat rather than the purse. JP is making no sense here.

  2. aaryn b.
    June 28, 2010

    But what if she panned around and had her partner right behind her turning as she turned? What then, sweetmeat?

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