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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Seventy-Three

Day 73, Chapter 73

“That was Hello Kitty,” Conklin said. “That was for real.”

“Why didn’t we do a GSR on Dowling?” I asked him.

“Because, damn it, I didn’t order it,” said Conklin.

“I was there, too,” I said, throwing my stale tuna on rye into the trash. “So was Jacobi. We all blew it.”

I’m getting tired of mocking the ineptitude of this police force every day, but these damn chapters are so short, I’m not left with anything else to make fun of.  

So, at the scene of the crime – the Casey Dowling murder – Marcus Dowling had just emerged from the shower when the police showed up.  (Upon looking back, I realize that I never mentioned this detail in my mockery back on Day 13.  Sorry.)  At the time, Lindsay was mildly suspicious, but quickly forgot all about it.  Now, it’s becoming clear that Dowling washed off any evidence – including gunshot residue – to clear himself.  Perhaps he knew that this was all it would take to throw the cops off his trail.  That and he faked a heart attack to further confuse their simple brains.  I would like to quote Lindsay, from Chapter 13: “JESUS CHRIST!  Marcus Dowling was dying.”  So easily distracted.

I gathered my hair up to the roots, found a rubber band, and made a ponytail.

See what I mean?  Let’s all make ponytails!

Cindy has written an editorial in the Chronicle – supposedly in a “spare Hemingway style,” which I very much doubt – calling the killer a coward and Lindsay a hero.  A hero?  For getting tricked into taking all her clothes off and throwing $2 million off the Golden Gate Bridge?  Okay.  And now the FBI is in town to take over the case, since SFPD is clearly getting nowhere.  Although, the Chief has decided to put Jackson Brady, hilarious transfer from Miami PD, on the case as well.  Let’s all keep an eye out in future chapters for his awesomeness.

And, no kidding, I hoped he and the FBI had some fresh ideas about how to catch that psycho – because I was 100 percent sure that if he wasn’t stopped, the Lipstick Killer would murder again.

No kidding?  Really?  He’s killed, like, six people without showing any reason to stop so I don’t think that that assessment is much of a stretch.  I’m just sayin’.  Jacobi is keeping Lindsay and Conklin on the Dowling case, since the only thing that’s happened in that one is the phone call Lindsay just got from Sarah Wells.  Hell, you might as well keep “working” it, right?  Check out Lindsay’s incredible powers of deductive reasoning at work:

I said to Conklin, “Dowling told us he had sex with his wife before dinner, right? Now Kitty says they did it while she was looting the safe. That would be after dinner. So if that caller was for real” – I fit the pieces together as I talked – “we know why Dowling’s clothes were negative for gunpowder and blowback. Marcus Dowling was naked when he shot his wife.”

Good night, everybody!
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2 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Seventy-Three

  1. Nate
    July 14, 2010

    heh, a “spare Hemingway style.” That's a little repetitive, isn't it?

  2. Bookjunk
    October 11, 2015

    'Why didn't we do a GSR on Dowling?'

    Let me answer that for you, Lindsay. Because you and your cop buddies are a bunch of incompetent idiots.

    Wait, I'm confused. They checked his clothes for gunpowder and blowback, but not his hands and arms? And which clothes do they mean? The ones he was wearing when they arrived at the crime scene (after he'd taken a shower)? Or the ones in the hamper? How incompetent can one police force be?

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