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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Seventy-Six

Day 76, Chapter 76

Has anyone seen my career?

Some of you may already know this, but Angie Harmon has moved on to greener pastures.  (She played Lindsay Boxer in the failed 2007 TV drama “Women’s Murder Club.”)  She is now starring as Detective Jane Rizzolli in TNT’s Rizzolli & Isles, based on the novels of crime writer Tess Garritsen.  Sorry JPatt.

Day breaks on the squad room, where Lindsay sits behind her “floral barricade” (flowers sent to her after her nude ordeal) with her third cup of coffee and nothing to do.  Yuki Castellano approaches from stage left.

“I might have something on Marcus Dowling,” (Yuki) said.

Conklin got up, gave her his chair, and said, “You have our complete attention.”

In this scene, Rich Conklin is played by a robot, thus making his line delivery more plausible.  He stands in the corner, facing the wall for the remainder of the scene.  (At least, that’s how I imagine it.)  Yuki, speaking in “one long run-on sentence,” tells Lindsay that she has been assisting Sue “Tough Beans” Emdin in the surveillance of Marcus Dowling, potential murderer.  She sat with Tough Beans outside the Dowling estate the previous night, waiting for Dowling to emerge with his lady friend with the “great big bouncy boobs.” (see chapter 75)

“Jesus, Yuki.”

“Just listen, okay? No laws were broken. At about eleven last night, Dowling and this woman came out of the house, falling all over each other. She’s in her late twenties, early thirties, Pilates body, long cover-girl hair. Totally gorgeous.”

“You’re saying, totally his girlfriend,” Conklin said.

Totally.  Lindsay is a little exasperated with Yuki following Dowling and “babe-a-licious.” Conklin goes back to his corner.

“Really, Yuki,” I said, flipping my ballpoint into the air. “That was nuts and dangerous and you know it. Everyone wants to be a cop, but it beats the hell out of me why.”

I love the action of Lindsay dramatically flipping her pen as she listens to Yuki.  I bet she rolled her eyes, blew out a puff of air, and gave a sarcastic little smirk & laugh, too.

Yuki continues her story: she followed Dowling and “Totally Gorgeous” to Cow Hollow, where the lady friend got out of the car & headed into an “extremely nice house.”  (So descriptive!  I can totally see it in my mind’s eye!)  Dowling waited in the car, then drove away, making it clear that “he didn’t want to be seen.”  Right.  Yuki shows Lindsay & Conklin the address of the lady friend and they run the address through their computer & come up with the name Graeme Henley.  According to their records, Dowling has been calling Henley’s number multiple times a day.

“Graeme Henley is probably not a woman,” I said.

Thus the conclusion is reached that Totally Gorgeous is married.  Not involved, or living with her parents, or a roommate, but definitely, unequivocally married to Graeme Henley.  Yuki points out that this relationship could be sufficient motive for Dowling to have killed his wife.

“There’s something else,” I told Yuki. “I’ve got a witness who says Casey Dowling was alive when Hello Kitty left the Dowling house.”

“You’ve got a signed statement?” (Remember, Yuki is a lawyer.)

“It’s an anonymous source but credible.”

“Huh,” said Yuki. “You’ve got an anonymous but credible source who says Casey was alive when Kitty left the Dowling house. Who could that be? Oh my God. Kitty called you?” 

“Uh-huh, and she told me things only Kitty would know. Have we got probable cause for a wiretap warrant?” 

Huh, uh-huh, hell yes we do!  Let’s do this thing!  (Commercial break.)
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2 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Seventy-Six

  1. aaryn b.
    July 17, 2010

    I hate James Patterson.
    He's gross.
    “Pilates body.” Give me a break.
    Yucky perv man. Go watch some porn and leave the masses alone.

  2. aaryn b.
    July 17, 2010

    and angie harmon sucks, too.
    she's vile.
    a perfect fit if you ask me.

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