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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ninety-Four

Day 94, Chapter 94

The sound of Gordon’s voice in my ear bypassed reason and went straight to my adrenal glands. I broke into an instant sweat, feeling it roll down my sides, between my breasts, across my brow. I was having déja vù of some of the most terrifying hours of my life…

It’s science time!  Is there a spot in the human body where “reason” resides?  On a phrenological map, I believe this is located between the “Secretiveness” section and “Philoprogenitiveness” but I’m not positive.  Is there a tube or a canal running from there to the adrenal glands?  I would ask the tiny man who lives in my stomach, but he’s not answering me.

Please note that JPatt also squeezed in a reference to Lindsay’s breasts.  Completely appropriate.

Pete Gordon – again, he’s holding his son, Stevie, the stink bomb, hostage – has demanded to speak only to Lindsay.  When she talks to him, he tells her that the only way to end the standoff is for Lindsay to come into his house unarmed.  He claims that the house is wired to explode (remember the blasting cap in a cooler out by the mailbox?  No explosives attached…) so he wants the helicopters called off.

“There’s one safe path, and it’s the walkway to the front door. Come on down, Lindsay, come onnn downnnn.”

I told Gordon to hold, and I briefed Benbow, who shook his head and said, “No frickin’ way.”

Of course, after a little more blah-blah-blah and “negotiating,” the cops are forced to bend to Pete’s will and Lindsay prepares to go into his house.  The only funny part in the rest of the chapter was that over the phone, Pete told Special Agent Dick Benbow to go fuck himself and that Lindsay asks God for protection as she goes into the house.  Whatever.  Go for it.
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3 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ninety-Four

  1. Amy
    August 4, 2010

    Well but of COURSE they bend to his will. If they can't do any real detective work they certainly can't think of alternate solutions.

  2. Nate
    August 8, 2010

    You know who Patterson's style is reminiscent of? Don DeLillo's. This rich urban tapestry is the perfect homage to “Underworld.” Anyone else with me on this one?

  3. Anonymous
    August 21, 2010

    A tear of laughter just dripped onto my man bosom.

    and no Nate, you are very much alone.

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