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117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ninety-Six

Day 96, Chapter 96
Sometimes, the opening lines to these chapters are so incredibly awesome I want to just post the whole thing.  Like, check this action out:

I tore my eyes away from the terrified little boy, whipped around toward the street, and screamed again, “Hold your fire. For God’s sake, he’s got the child. Hold your fire.

A blurred shape charged from behind a vehicle and continued on a line parallel to the street and toward the driveway. It was Brady. I watched in horror as he threw a spike strip down in front of Gordon’s car, then took a stance at the head of the vehicle and, holding his gun with both hands, leveled it at the windshield.

Brady yelled to Gordon, “Get out of the car, Get out of the car now.

Gordon leaned on his horn, then called out to me, “Tell that bozo I have a gun to stinky’s head. At the count of three, I shoot. One.”

I mean, what could I possibly offer to this situation that would make it any more awesome than it already is?  What did you think the “blurred shape” was when you first read it?  A monster?  Maybe a Frankenstein?  Claire?  Hello Kitty?  Hell, it could have been anything!  Look at the italics – can you feel the intensity there?  My God, he’s got a gun to stinky’s head!  What are we gonna do?!! 

Brady, ever the Miami Vice cowboy, ignores Lindsay’s pleas to stop pointing his gun at the car.  What does he care if Pete kills the kid?  Brady wants to be a hero, man.  But then, just as the point of no return is in sight, Super Special Agent Dick Benbow comes to the rescue and orders Brady to lower his weapon.  And he does.  Whew!

I was moved by Benbow’s humanity, even as I prayed he was doing the right thing.

Pete makes some demands – like no helicopters, no guns, no following him – and Lindsay yells them out to the rest of the cop-crowd.  As soon as she does, Pete drives out of the driveway and takes off.  Well, duh.  The cops all freak out, scrambling to figure out what to do.  Lindsay again hides her vulnerable, weak, female side from Conklin and Jacobi.

…I told him I was alright, but the truth was, I was dazed and breathless from the explosions, and my vision kept fading in and out.

As Conklin and I helped each other to our car, I kept seeing the red, terrified face of that small boy, screaming wordlessly through the car window.

Dizziness swamped me. I bent over and threw up in the grass.

Ooh, I bet she’s pregnant. 
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One comment on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day Ninety-Six

  1. Nate
    August 8, 2010

    How was Pete calmly ordering guns, cops, and choppers off him, yet the kid's red-faced cries were completely silent? Do you think Patterson gives his (or Maxine's) first drafts even a cursory second check?

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