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117 Days of James Patterson – Day 107

Day 107, Chapter 107

We were in Interview Room Number Two, the larger of our interrogation spaces, the one with the better electronics.

Oh my God, who cares?  Why would you start a chapter like that?  “Better electronics.”  I’ll give you “better electronics.” 

It’s time to interrogate Marcus Dowling – no electronics necessary.  Let’s just wait for his lawyer to show up.  Hmmm-hmm-hmmmmm.  Doo-dee-doo.  Nothin’ happening here.  La-la-la, la-la.

No really, that’s pretty much all that happens in Chapter 107.  Is somebody running out of ideas?  Hmmm? Are you guys just dragging this shitty little book out to fill a quota of chapters and pages so you can cash your gigantic royalty checks?  

Dowling is sitting in the famous Interview Room Number Two, “rocking back on (the) hind legs” of a chair, waiting for that lawyer to show up.  The gun is sitting on the table in front of him.  A ballistics tech (Carl Loomis) comes in and picks up the gun but takes the time to let Dowling know that he admires his films.  C’mon, Loomis, get the hell out of here, you’re ruining the mood.  There’s a little cop-threatening, deal-offering (“The DA goes home at five” if anyone wants to make a deal), and some cocky suspect banter (“Cross your heart?”), but little else.  That is, until Conklin begins to hum the theme song from Dowling’s film Night Watch.

It was a catchy little ditty that had made the charts even when Dowling and Cushing’s shoot-’em-up movie had bombed.

I saw something come over Dowling’s face as Richie hummed. The nonchalance evaporated. The chair legs came down. Seemed to me that hearing that tune had focused Dowling as nothing else had.

Oh Ritchie, you can hum like the dickens. 
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4 comments on “117 Days of James Patterson – Day 107

  1. Nate
    August 14, 2010

    Since when did Conklin become “Richie?” Did he bang Lindsay while I wasn't looking?

    So — just to get this straight — he's not worried that the murder weapon is on the table in front of him, but a poorly-hummed '70s film theme … THAT is RATTLING, baby!

    James: you fucking suck. That's right; no “frickin'” around here, you get the full deal, final Anglo “g” and all!

  2. arevanye
    August 14, 2010

    Only ten more days to go, Seth. You can make it!

  3. Seth Marko
    August 15, 2010

    Nate, c'mon, get with it. She called him “Ritchie” on Day 95, but alluded to their “grappling half naked on a hotel bed” back on Day 56.

  4. Anonymous
    August 18, 2010

    Can you really blame Nate for forgetting? After all, there has been so much pithy , witty dialogue to grapple with.

    OMG, I could write JPat books for him.

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