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117 Days of James Patterson – Day 108

Day 108, Chapter 108
We’re almost there, everybody.  I can see the light.  Ten days to go and then we’re all free!

Dowling gets a call from his missing lawyer, Peyser.  He complains at him over the phone and hangs up, ready to make a deal with Lindsay and the DA.  Why the sudden turn?  Nothing has happened, as we all know – just a little humming yesterday.  Apparently that was enough to make Dowling decide to confess.  “All too easy,” as Darth Vader says.

Dowling’s story: Casey found out that he was sleeping around, she got mad, pulled the gun on him, they struggled, the gun went off, the end.  The burglar was a convenient distraction for Casey’s plan, that’s all.  I have to give it to Lindsay here – for the first time, she actually shows some backbone and a little policing skill:

“Mr. Dowling, are you sure you want to tell it that way? Your wife took two bullets, remember? One to her chest. The other to her neck. She was naked and unarmed. There was no gunpowder stippling in her skin. That means you were at least five feet away. The angle of those shots is going to bear that out.”

Oops.  Yeah, I guess that’s probably more accurate.  But still.

Dowling starts to sputter and lisp when faced with these accusations.  Seriously.  “I don’t remember.  I was frightened.”  Of the naked lady.  So I shot her.  On accident.

“I should never have cheated on her. It’s hard, don’t you see? Women come on to me all the time. Casey didn’t understand that.”

Good, sound reasoning.  Okay, you can go.  Oh wait, your “confident, thousand-bucks-an-hour” lawyer’s here.  (Where the hell has this guy been?)  Man, he’s gonna be pissed when he finds out you just blabbed your whole B-S story to the cops.  Lindsay cuffs Dowling and reads him his rights.  Aw yeah!

“It was self-defense!”

“Who knows? Maybe the jury will believe you,” I said, looking into a face that had struck love into the hearts of untold thousands of women. “But you know what I think? You’re a bad actor. You really stink.”

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