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Google eBooks

Big news in the book world this morning: independent bookstores are now selling Google eBooks online. That’s right, your local, neighborhood indie is no longer being completely left in the dust by the likes of Amazon – the American Booksellers Association (ABA) has announced a partnership with Google that will allow for the sale of the “cloud-based” eBooks on all participating ABA member stores’ websites (110 across the country to date.)  The “cloud” means that you can access your eBooks from any web-connected device through your Google account – nothing is downloaded to your device unless you want it to be. (So, good and bad, I guess.)

Pricing is based on the agency model, which means they are set by the pubs, rather than the seller – which makes for some relatively competitive pricing. (In my initial scan of some titles on warwicks.com, I saw quite a few at $11.99 – $14.99. Granted, there are some still at the same price as the hardcover book, but…)  And Google eBooks are compatible with pretty much every device with the exception of the locked-out, proprietary Kindle. In all honesty, if I were so inclined to purchase an eBook reader, I would want one that did other things besides displaying books – I think the Kindle has to adapt or fade away. (Please fade away.)

Sorry, this post seems like an ad for Google, but this shit’s been a long time coming and it’s nice to at least be able to offer something to customers. I’m still sticking with my paper and glue, though.


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