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Happy JPattaversary!

Friday, April 29th marked the one year anniversary of the completely one-sided friendship between myself and James Patterson. To celebrate, JPatt is publishing the sequel to The 9th Judgment on Monday, (sort of) appropriately entitled Tenth Anniversary. I like to think that he threw that title in just for me. 

I love you too, Jim, but I’m not doin’ that shit again.

Go ahead, revisit the 117 Days, it’s okay.

2 comments on “Happy JPattaversary!

  1. Lisa
    May 2, 2011

    🙂 Your descent into the netherworlds…I mean, your reading of JPatt's book last year, is how I became familiar with your blog. Someone posted the link on facebook. I think my family thought I vanished because once I started reading your blog, I just kept reading. I didn't think that book would ever end, and I only read it through you. I am glad I discovered your blog. I really enjoy reading it.



  2. Seth Marko
    May 5, 2011

    Hey, right on, Lisa! Thanks!!

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