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JPatt Redemption?

And on the 118th day, JPatt gave away $70,000 worth of Indiebound gift certificates to college-bound high school seniors.

From ABA’s Bookselling this Week (September 22, 2011):
Bestselling author James Patterson has announced the launch of the second annual College Book Bucks program supporting college-bound high school seniors. The 230 winners of the College Book Bucks contest will receive gift certificates ranging from $250 to $1,000 apiece for use at any IndieBound-affiliated independent bookstore.

High school seniors headed for college can enter the competition by visiting JamesPatterson.com and submitting an essay that answers the question “How has your favorite book inspired you toward what you’d like to do in life?”
How can I hate so hard on this guy now? My world is crumbling around me! Everything I believed in is a lie!!!

Nicely played, Patterson, nicely played – you smashed this one right into my face. Although, you DID make $84 million last year, so giving away 70 grand isn’t THAT great…

One comment on “JPatt Redemption?

  1. Ben
    September 23, 2011

    He's been winning 84 million dollars selling shitty books. It's about goddamn time he does something cool.

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