A new independent bookstore in South Park, San Diego!

The Birth of a Book

For everone who asks, “Why does this book cost so much?” or thinks publishers and authors are greedy for charging what they do or can’t understand why we all don’t just read ebooks all the time. Granted, we could certainly stand to trim the fat on the mass-producing fat cats of the publishing industry, but this is another thing entirely. This is where it’s at, my friends. Art.

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.


One comment on “The Birth of a Book

  1. Biblibio
    April 3, 2012

    Absolutely lovely video, but I think it's still very important to remember that the type of book created here is very, very different from the majority of books we encounter in the bookstore. I know that when I refer to overpricing, I'm talking about books that are mass-produced but are sold for $20-30, or more often, overpriced eBooks. Thanks for sharing.

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