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Berlin Noir on HBO

Word on the street is that HBO and Tom Hanks are trying to put together a deal to bring Philip Kerr’s Bernhard Gunther Berlin Noir series of books to television. About time, I say. Giddeeup.

Here’s my long-standing shelf-talker, in case you’ve never heard me blather about Bernie G. before:

German ex-cop & private eye, Bernie Gunther maneuvers through pre-war Nazi machinations, watches his homeland destroyed by the oppressive Nazi government, fights off the dangerous politics of the Gestapo, comes to terms with the prejudices of his fellow Germans, and ultimately accepts his fate as a post-war exile in South America. Vivid, evocative, very noir – what started as a trilogy several decades ago has evolved into a full series, becoming more intricate, more involved, with Bernie coming more & more into focus as it progresses. I pretty much stop everything now when a new one gets published.

The potential for awesome televison with these books is nearly boundless – large casts of characters, complex plots, great villains, and a morally compromised & jaded protagonist – perfect for HBO, although maybe with a little less of the screwing that they have such a fondness for. (Bernie’s a ladykiller to be sure, but I don’t need to see Himmler’s bare ass, you know?) Anyway, I hope it happens – I know that Kerr has rejected feature-length film deals in the past, but I think a well-produced series would be fantastic. All we can do is stay tuned…


2 comments on “Berlin Noir on HBO

  1. Anonymous
    April 26, 2012

    Thanks for mentioning these books. I didn't know about Philip Kerr. I read the first few pages on Amazon, immediately liked it, and bought the trilogy.

    (Long time lurker, first time commenter).

    Ray Kolb

  2. Seth Marko
    April 27, 2012

    Right on, Ray – hope you like it. And thanks for lurking. 🙂

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