A new independent bookstore in South Park, San Diego!

The Screening

That’s right, folks, The Book Catapult is hosting a screening of the Cloud Atlas film at 8:00pm on Saturday, November 3rd at the Village Theatre in Coronado, CA! 

UPDATE: We were originally hoping to be able to Skype with David Mitchell during the event, but those pesky time zones have gotten in the way. (Mitchell lives in Ireland, 8 hours ahead of San Diego.) However, Scott and I were able to record our Skype conversation/interview with David last week & will be showing it as part of the post-screening festivities. 

UPDATE #2: The Official Book Catapult Cloud Atlas Trailer has arrived!!! 

Here are the details to the whole deal: 

Saturday, November 3rd
Village Theatre
820 Orange Avenue
Coronado, CA
Following the screening, we will first show the interview between David Mitchell and The Book Catapult. (Approximately 15 minutes.) Following that will be a short discussion on “book versus film” lead by yours truly, Seth Marko, along with recently appointed co-Catapulteer and video-editor, Scott Ehrig-Burgess. The idea behind this is to help further the running dialogue about books, literary culture, and how that all fits in amongst the buzzing universe that is our society these days. The Catapult is bringing the conversation to the people!

Ticket prices:

1 person: $12.50
2 people: $25.00
1 person + a copy of the novel Cloud Atlas SIGNED by David Mitchell: $27.50
2 people + a copy of the novel Cloud Atlas SIGNED by David Mitchell: $40.00

Yes, you read that right – The Book Catapult has procured a very limited number of copies of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, autographed by the author. (These are non-movie tie-in editions, of course.)
We have a couple of purchasing options available online – Paypal and Google Wallet.
Just select your ticket option & click the “buy now” button below the dropdown box. Having trouble? Send us an email at tickets@thebookcatapult.com & we’ll work it out.

To pay with your Paypal account:
One Ticket $12.50 USD Pair of Tickets $25.00 USD Ticket+Signed Book $27.50 USD 2 Tickets+Signed Book $40.00 USD

To pay with your Google Wallet account:
$12.50 – One Cloud Atlas Ticket $25.00 – Pair of Cloud Atlas Tickets $27.50 – One Ticket+Signed Copy of the Novel $40.00 – Pair of Tickets+Signed Copy of the Novel

The theater – this place is amazing, seriously. (They have a very limited internet presence, but it has been seen in person, so it does exist and is every bit as spectacular as it looks here.) Originally opened in 1947, the Village Theatre in Coronado fell into disrepair and closed in 2000, where it sat unused and unloved for a decade. In the summer of 2011, it reopened under new management, completely refurbished and remodeled in a stunning art deco style. Parking is all street parking, but that time of day, the meters are all off, so you can pretty much park anywhere in the area.
I’m going to go out there and GUARANTEE that this will be an evening you will NEVER forget.* The idea behind this event really comes from a desire to promote a culture of literacy here in San Diego – which involves actively discussing books, for one – so I hope you will join me in celebrating the film version of one of the finest pieces of literature written in this young century. 

*Guarantee not valid. Never forgetting also not valid.


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