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A Conversation with David Mitchell, Part 1

So… you no doubt know of my (borderline psychotic) affinity for the written works of David Mitchell. Don’t worry, we won’t rehash here, I‘m just getting that out there. (Fair warning.) And you probably know all about The Book Catapult’s recent screening of the Cloud Atlas film at the Village Theatre in Coronado on November 3rd. Oh the times we had! When Scott and I were “brainstorming” about how to create some sort of literary happening around the release of that film, our illustrious friend, Wade Lucas of Random House, threw out the idea (joke?) of either having Mitchell join us at the theater or, at the very least, having him Skype with us as part of the event. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Wade, you so crazy! Well, one thing lead to another and I actually had the chance to meet in person with David for a few hours (over some iced teas and a La-La Salad, whatever that is) to pitch him the idea when he was in Los Angeles on a pre-film “press junket.” Being the insanely polite British gentleman that he is, David was totally down with our idea and happy to play along. While he couldn’t be at our screening in person, since he lives 5174 miles (yes, I looked it up) and 8 time zones away from San Diego, he did Skype with Scott and I for 45 minutes one morning. No, that was not just a dream I had.

This here video is the first part – and undeniable evidence! – of our conversation with David Mitchell – and essentially the same segment that we showed as part of the November 3rd screening. Check back in the coming weeks for more segments from our conversation – Scott is working tirelessly on editing things down for human consumption. Enjoy.

A thousand-thousand thanks to David Mitchell for, well, making any of this possible. Forever in your debt, we are, good sir.


2 comments on “A Conversation with David Mitchell, Part 1

  1. heather
    November 21, 2012

    In which men of genius can prove themselves to be gracious and modest as well eh seth? Lovely apt questions put by you also. Thanks for posting that.

  2. Anonymous
    November 30, 2012

    Gracious and modest indeed, the book has made my day, like all the other days of this month.
    Refreshingly different interview.
    Thank you so much for your joined efforts!

    Eagerly waiting for more.

    Irina, Berlin

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