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Donnybrook Updates

As the South Park Donnybrook with Frank Bill fast approaches, I know you’re trembling with excitement and anticipation – maybe even a little bit of fear and terror. It’s okay, it’s only going to be the most amazing night of your life. But settle down there, friend – before we get there, here are a few updates for you.

First off, you can now purchase copies of Donnybrook and Crimes in Southern Indiana right here, directly from The Book Catapult via Paypal (and possibly Google Wallet soon.) Any books you purchase here will be waiting for you at the Donnybook for Frank to sign on April 23rd. Simple as that.

Donnybrook $15.00 USD Crimes in Southern Indiana $15.00 USD

The South Park Abbey is at 1946 Fern Street in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego – right on the corner of Grape and Fern streets, across from Gala Foods. The Abbey has a great selection of craft brews, a full bar, a solid food menu, and a brand-spanking new smoker for all manner of delicious meats. 

26-time world champ, Allen Fisher

The evening will start around 7:30 with Frank reading and discussing… well, whatever he wants to. Who are we to dictate what this specimen of manhood should or shouldn’t do at a Donnybrook? Some reading, discussing, a Q&A. Following the literary portion of the evening, Allen Fisher and his team of pullers will put on an arm wrestling exhibition. Scott and I spent an afternoon with Team Fisher as they trained a few weeks back – this is no joke, pal. These dudes are serious athletes and there’s an incredible amount of strategy and physics that goes into a match. I guarantee, you will be fascinated. 

Donnybrook and Crimes in Southern Indiana will be available for purchase at the event, of course – and Frank will sign books throughout the evening. We do have a finite number of copies, so if you’re at all concerned about making sure you get a copy, we’d advise you to buy online from us before hand. We would prefer that you purchased your books from the Catapult, of course, as this helps support events like this in your community. If you already have one or both of Frank’s books, you can get them signed at the Donnybrook, but we would just ask that you purchase at least one additional book from us. We think that’s fair.

One other enticement, just so you know what you’re in for: Frank wrote this rather compelling piece – Is Masculine Writing Dead? – for the Daily Beast in March that should get your blood up a bit. “…a large number of men have lost their ruggedness. Maybe they never had it. I believe to be a man is to be tough mentally and physically.”

Also, be sure to do your push-ups.

***April 17th UPDATES:***

  • Ryan Bradford of San Diego CityBeat wrote a great article on Frank Bill that ran in today’s issue: Frank Bill’s Bare-Knuckle Writing. There may be quotes from the lead Catapult Operator at the end of the piece.
  • Also, Angela Carone, long-time Catapult supporter and Arts and Culture Reporter for KPBS produced this piece on Allen Fisher and his wife Carolyn that aired on KPBS Evening Edition this evening:


Questions? seth@thebookcatapult.com or scott@thebookcatapult.com


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