A new independent bookstore in South Park, San Diego!

Donnybrook Recap

Allen Fisher, Carolyn Fisher, Scott & Seth, and Frank Bill

We’ll have more photos from the South Park Donnybrook up here as soon as we can. But know that the evening was a smashing success, about 100 brave souls showed up to fill the bar, Frank signed a ton of books, there was copious amounts of arm wrestling, and (unbelievably) no one got hurt!  

The Book Catapult would like to thank:

  • Allen Fisher, his wife Carolyn, and their crew of pullers. 
  • The South Park Abbey: the perfect venue, right under our noses.
  • Sean McDonald, Mike Slack, and Brian Gittis from FSG/Macmillan.
  • Ryan Bradford from San Diego CityBeat and Angela Carone from KPBS.
  • Israel Byrd, who you may remember from Extra! and the Craig Ferguson show. 

And Mr. Frank Bill, Donnybrook Mastermind, brilliant wordsmith, and one of the most genuine, genial, and fucking hilarious gentlemen I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. I can’t thank you enough Frank. A true honor.

Check back soon, we’re going to have SIGNED copies of both Donnybrook and Crimes in Southern Indiana available for purchase here on the Catapult in the coming days.


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This entry was posted on April 26, 2013 by in Allen Fisher, Crimes in Southern Indiana, Donnybrook, Frank Bill.
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