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JPatt Babyface

Just had to share this little JPatt tidbit: the below is taken from the online catalog that bookstores use for buying books (Edelweiss.) Normally, there aren’t images posted for novels, other than the cover art – since they’re not illustrated, typically. For some reason, Hachette decided that the forthcoming paperback for JPatt’s hilariously titled, 12th of Never (I wish I had read that one instead) needed pictures of a person with a handgun, a pair of villainous eyes on a dirty face, and a baby to show how awesome the book is. As if it’s not enough that “It’s finally time! Detective Lindsay Boxer is in labor – while two killers are on the loose.”

Also, some BLOCKBUSTER JPatt news: he has been (temporarily, I’m sure) bumped from the top of the financial heap of authors this year. (As compiled by Forbes.) E.L. James raked in $95 million in 2012, as compared to Patterson’s mere $91 million. (The full list) Just like every year, I don’t know how this list makes me feel. I guess it’s nice that people are spending money on books, but… those books? Sigh…


Then, after all of that, I just discovered a new low. I’ll just let this speak for itself:


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