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A Year of Reading, Week 33

Oh, a long week, friends, followed by another long week. So, even though I’m days late on Week 33’s post, I don’t feel like writing about all that action tonight. Instead, I will share this little gem with you – a paperback pulp novel Flash and Filigree by Terry Southern given to me by my friend Dave. As yet unread, but… that doesn’t really matter. Published in 1958, the Omaha World Herald called it “Marvelous.” The Cincinnati Enquirer said it was “Delightfully and horribly funny.”

The best part, though, is on the back jacket. 
Babs Mintner – a girl with the body of an angel and the mind of a child. Her seduction at a drive-in theater is the funniest scene you’ll ever read.


Just a few events in Flash and Filigree
The famous television show, ‘What’s My Disease’; a hashish party; a head-on collision at 120 m.p.h.; an alcoholic private eye; a mad judge…

So choice. Imagine! An alcoholic private eye! Craziness!! And hashish! Oh dear!

Anyway… More to say about the books I’ve been reading next week – which is really this week. See you in a few.


One comment on “A Year of Reading, Week 33

  1. A brilliant treatise on the question of identity, reality, normalicy, obsession and sanity. Is Dr Eichner obsessed with Treevly, or is it the other way 'round? Does it matter? Can't wait for the film version.

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